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A swimming instructor's first job is to teach the practical and theoretical aspects of swimming.
And in order to learn well, there's nothing like the eye, experience and teaching skills of a specialist.
All Luxembourgish swimming teachers hold a DAP and are highly trained in order to fulfil this task for your children.


This is the most well-known aspect of an instructor's job, and we often wrongly think that it's the only one.
From the supervision of swimming pools to first aid, swimming instructors are also highly trained to ensure
that pools are as safe as possible. And supervision doesn't just mean watching, it also means anticipating the slightest
danger that might affect your children. This is our second job.

and much more...

Today, a swimming instructor not only has to teach and supervise, but he or she must also know how to manage
a pool from a technical perspective, in other words the chlorine level, cleanliness, ...
Swimming instructor, a passion, our job.

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