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What the law says

Staff working in primary schools to give swimming lessons must be limited to civil servants,
local government employees or swimming instructors.
So there are no plans to hire new swimming instructors.

What do swimming instructors think about all this?

The harmful consequences of this law should not be taken lightly.
ALIN, the Association Luxembourgeoise des Instructeurs de Natation (Luxembourgish Association of Swimming Instructors),
an affiliated member of the FGFC, the Fédération Générale de la Fonction Communale (Local Government Civil Service Union),
also considers that children's safety is at risk during swimming lessons. Reducing the number of highly trained swimming instructors
who hold a DAP would lead to a drop in the safety standards for primary school swimming lessons
which have been built up over the last thirty years. The consequences in terms of educational support are just as serious.
Instructors currently teach children until they reach the age of 12, and an interruption of this cycle will cause
dangerous and irreversible gaps in how children learn to swim.

What you can do

Support instructors in their choice to try and change things and get the minister
to take more responsible decisions.

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