to swim
is vital


For the safety of our children!
Learning the theoretical and practical aspects of swimming at school is vitally important for a child.
Primary school provides the ideal environment to ensure that a child’s first contact with water
is a pleasant experience. 97 % of pupils have swimming classes.
Swimming properly means: enjoying water and moving through this exciting element without fear;
mastering swimming techniques (position of the body in the water in order to breathe correctly, as well as breathing techniques);
maintaining a high standard in swimming classes by learning at least three strokes (breaststroke, crawl, backstroke,
as well as diving and jumping). If we don't take these points into account, this could lead to dangerous
and irreversible gaps in learning.


With swimming instructors who hold a DAP, a Diplôme d’Aptitude Professionnelle (vocational qualification),
after three years of training, of course. They are highly trained in both first aid and the practical
and theoretical aspects of swimming teaching.

Isn't that what happens now?

No, unfortunately not! Since the school reform in 2009, the number of swimming instructors conducting
swimming classes is dropping steadily. A swimming instructor with an expert eye for swimming teaching is only tolerated
in classes if he or she is specifically invited by the class teacher. The ongoing support system for pupils which
has been tried and tested for decades can no longer continue. Swimming classes are no longer adapted to the specific
needs of the child but regulated by bureaucratic instructions from the Ministry of Education.

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